SiteGiant AutoCount Software Integration

You can sync your e-commerce sales to accounting system easily with SiteGiant AutoCount Integration.

SiteGiant AutoCount Integration

Are you spending hour daily by entering all your online sales in to AutoCount Accounting Software?

There is an excellent solution, with SiteGiant AutoCount Integration your product price and inventory can be transferred to your web store from your AutoCount Software and sync your online orders and sales to your autocount software with just a few clicks.

Reduces Workload

Reduces Mistakes

Saves Labor Cost

What SiteGiant AutoCount Integration Do ?

SiteGiant AutoCount Integration fully integrates your AutoCount with your webstore. It transfers all your products and inventory information in your AutoCount software to your webstore with this integration and it allows your online sales and order to transferred to your AutoCount Software at the same time updating your inventories.It’s one of the Key Success Factor in your business.

By allowing you to sync order details accurately into Accounting system in a timely fashion, Tax return submission can be done on time (especially in SST era today). You are saving yourself out of fear of getting penalty from Customs / IRB due to late submission or mismatching transaction details because of human error. In a nutshell, SiteGiant AutoCount Integration is a BRIDGE that connects SiteGiant Store with AutoCount Accounting system.

8 Reasons Why You Need SiteGiant AutoCount Integration

Complete Integration with AutoCount Software

The ideal eCommerce integration with AutoCount It transfers all your products and inventory information in your AutoCount software to your webstore with this integration and it allows your online sales and order to transferred to your AutoCount at the same time updating your inventories.

Excellent Inventory Management

you can set the time to sync your product inventory from Autocount to SiteGiant.Your inventory in AutoCount will get updated when online transaction details sync over. This will increase accuracy of your stock level control between offline and online business.

Save your Time and Cost

Easily transfer all your products and inventory information from your AutoCount and sync your online sales & orders from marketplace back to your AutoCount. From now on, you may allocate more budget in your marketing campaign.

Reduce Workload and increase your efficiency

Eliminate the need of manual data entry for all your online sales order to your AutoCount Software. Transfer your online sales orders from SiteGiant to AutoCount. Reduce the risk of human error from manual data entries.

Sync online markeplace order to Autocount Software

Multichannel Control – If you are using SiteGiant’s Marketplace Sync, sales from various Marketplace can be synced back to SiteGiant’s Store and eventually, order details will be synced again into AutoCount.

Leverage on AutoCount Reporting System

By syncing all your online transaction details over to your AutoCount, you can combine transaction of online and offline orders to generate a more accurate report, helping you make the right decision in your business.

Increase your data accuracy

Reduce the workload for manual data entry and risk of human errors with more accurate data. Where you will have no problem in submitting income tax / GST on time, with more accurate data and less likely to make errors for tax reporting purposes by using SiteGiant AutoCount Integration.

Increase online sales revenue

You are able to sync your products from AutoCount to SiteGiant and sell on multiple eMarketplaces like Lazada, 11street, Lelong and more. Increase your revenue stream as more channel to sell equals to more sales

How SiteGiant AutoCount Integration Works ?

2 Ways Product Sync

1) From SiteGiant Sync to AutoCount
Product created or updated under SiteGiant can be synced to Autocount.

2) From AutoCount Sync to SiteGiant You can create/edit product under AutoCount then sync to SiteGiant to sell in your online store and multiple eMarketplaces (Lazada, 11street, Lelong etc.) simultaneously.

Order Sync

Sales from eMarketplace and SiteGiant store are allowed to sync back to AutoCount.

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