Sales & Purchase Approval Control

Purpose of Sales & Purchase Approval Control Plugin

General Approval Control for Sales Purchase Plug-in is an add-on function for AutoCount Accounting. The purpose of this plug-in is to provide an approval platform for user to control their Sales and Purchase entries.

Features and Functions of Sales & Purchase Approval Control Plugin

1. Sales Purchase Approval
  • Set the approval limit, by amount, to each user ID in AutoCount Accounting.
2. Approval Control
  • Activate approval control on document entry.
3. Enable Document Approval Setting
  • To enable approval control for this document entry.
4. Allow Document Preview
  • To allow user preview unapproved document entry.
5. Allow Document Print
  • To allow user print unapproved document entry.
6. Is Active?
  • To activate if this user can approve document within specified amount.
7. User ID
  • AutoCount Accounting User Login ID.
8. User Name
  • AutoCount Accounting User Login name.
9. <= Amount
  • To indicate the range of amount the user can approve.
10. Approval
  • Status of entry, either pending or approved
11. Approved Amount
  • Amount or value that had been approved.
12. Last Approved User
  • The last user ID to approve this entry.
13. Last Approved Date
  • The last date of approving this entry.
14. Project No
  • List of project number that is being approved in this entry.
15. Department No
  • List of department number that is being approved in this entry.
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