Price Checker

AutoCount Price Checker 0000-00-00 AccountSoft PriceChecker (APC) is a price checker that allows customer to scan the products for information, among others, prices for the respective products. APC is connected with AutoCount database for product updates and latest price offers. On top of that, our price checker also offers a irresistible function for business owner …

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Stock take

Stock Take Module 0000-00-00 Stock Take Module Work with AutoCount Pro Edition & Above Features included – PC Stock Take – Stock Adjustment Processing Instead of manual stock count, user will be able to calculate stock take using scanner devices and mobile tablets. Then post the stock adjustment into AutoCount system. Hence reduce human mistake …

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AutoCount software

Lazada Sync

AutoCount and Lazada is now Sync. With this great sync you can control expenditure, deliver best customer experience, scalable business grow, synchronize pricing & inventory and resource allocation.

AutoCount software

Site Giants

Below are features and functions of SiteGiants for AutoCountsystem.com/">AutoCount Software. You can see each of their features and functions here. Feature Function Store Domain name A unique domain name for your brand, increase credibility and conversion rate. Mobile-friendly Webstore With more than 60% of people who purchase goods from phone, there’s no reason why you …

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Challenges It is normal practice for accountant to backup client’s database and restore it at their pc for verifying and report generating. However when new data is being input into client db, the accountant copy of data will be out of sync. Some client does not invest in accounting software and fully rely on accountant …

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Mobile User

Challenges As a sales person, you would like to capture orders as soon as you secure an order from customers instead of traveling back to office to key in the order for futher processing. You wish to have stock level and pricing information on hand when you negotiating with your customers so that you won’t over …

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Business Owner / Manager

Challenges As business owner or manager, you always want to know information such as company sales, collections status, cash flow, stock level, etc. These information helps you to make decision and action on urgent matters so that you will not miss any opportunity. Solution With AOTG, you are able to retrieve company information anywhere anytime …

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AutoCount POS – F&B

THE BEST SOLUTION FOR F&B INDUSTRY Autocount f&b pos is a full system that full-fill the needs of F&B business environment. This Autocount f&b pos system helps your restaurants to run better and more efficiently from orders and payments to your entire ingredient inventory management. With the increase in the size of the food and …

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AutoCount POS – Retail

AUTOCOUNT POS – POINT OF SALE (RETAIL) The AutoCount Point of Sale software assists a business in maintaining a record and creating a database of its sales, customers and inventory. This offline POS system synchronizes data in real-time between the terminal and the Microsoft SQL backed database server. The AutoCount Point of Sale comes equipped …

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OpticalPOS Solutions

AutoCount OpticalPOS solutions provides the backbone & organization for your optical shop. It was designed specially to allow opticans to order, check-in and dispense spectecles, contact lenses and other inventory. Our Optical Software provides detailed report and summaries of your inventory on hand and dispensed.

Best Vehicle Workshop Solutions

AutoCount Vehicle Workshop Solutions is designed to manage and enhance the efficiency of mechanical workshops and spare part centre. AutoCount Vehicle Workshop Solutions make your invoicing, job control, costing & and stock control so EASY!