AutoCount POS – Retail

autocount pos retail


The AutoCount Point of Sale software assists a business in maintaining a record and creating a database of its sales, customers and inventory. This offline POS system synchronizes data in real-time between the terminal and the Microsoft SQL backed database server. The AutoCount Point of Sale comes equipped with the AutoCount Accounting software which makes it multifunctional.

Fully integrated with AutoCount Accounting – Post POS transaction directly modules into Accounting modules seamlessly without repetitive entry.

Chain Store management – Manage the system from HQ and receive the daily sales report in real time. Ideal for multi-outlets retails operation.

Scalable & Extensible – Customize the systems according to your needs and designed to grow alongside with your business.

Access control with audit trails – determine the access rights and permission setting on what your staff can see and do with audit trails capabilities.

Business intelligent report – Customize sales or inventory reports easily to monitor branch performance and manage stocks better.

Integrated with mobile Payment/e-Wallet – this system is equipped with mobile payment/e-wallet integration across Alipay, Boost, Touch ‘n Go eWallet and more. This allows you to receive payment instantly without boundaries. Embracing mobile payment will take your business to next level.


Features & Benefits

With AutoCount POS, each and every transaction made at each and every terminal is synchronized instantly with the Main Database server at the Headquarters. This facilitates real time verification of inventory levels.

AutoCount Point of Sale provides detailed reports of accounting items and functions such as sales, cash receipts, cards, vouchers etc. These reports help you identify trends specifically related to your business; such as identifying the time period that witnessed maximum sales, preferred payment method of customers etc.

The reports generated by AutoCount POS facilitate a just and fair evaluation of the company’s performance. It helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business and each and every outlet can be evaluated separately but on the same yardstick.

The Microsoft SQL server that supports the database at both front and back ends lends stability to each and every terminal and creates a strong database.