About AutoCount Software

With the growing business needs, accounting software is gaining huge popularity in the Malaysia market. AutoCount is the leading accounting and business software brand in Malaysia. It offers a variety of products mainly focusing on business automation software such as Accounting, Inventory Control, Invoicing, Purchasing, Payroll and Point of Sale (POS) for solving your accounting needs and running your business efficiently. AutoCount is often characterized by its simple and innovative features while also providing a strong database for different types of business by performing complicated accounting transactions and making your life simple and easy. AutoCount is a powerful accounting tool for managing your business data and thoroughly analyzing your business performance so that you can take informed decision and do not face loss in your business. AutoCount support answers all your queries and is able to help and guide you through the installation process of the software successfully installation. In Malaysia and other south east asian countries, many companies which uses AutoCount Software have benefited from its comprehensive, ease of use and highly customizable system, which also are in full compliance with SST requirements set by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD). 


AutoCount Software

Features of AutoCount

    • Easy to Learn and Use – You do not have to be an accounting expert for managing different accounting data. With basic accounting knowledge, you can manage your company data with AutoCount. You will appreciate its familiar, easy-to-navigate Windows interface. Most of the features and functions in AutoCount Accounting are keyboard operable.The shortcut key provides an easy way to accomplish complex tasks in a shorter time span.

    • Saves your time and improve work efficiency – This software is designed in such a manner that it will help in minimizing your workload and eliminate human error. The data entry function which has been optimized in the system helps to reduce the time and save data. Once the transaction is processed, it will automatically update the reports. Thus, saving your time and work.

    • Optimum Search Function – This accounting software has advanced search functions which can help you to identify transactions easily. This function is so strong that by only typing a single character will help you match the search criteria.
    • Scheduled Backup and Recovery – AutoCount download of schedule backup program can help you schedule backup at a given time every day. Thus, there are no chances that you will lose your data. In addition, with support of Microsoft SQL Server, AutoCount gives you greater stability with high performance where most of the functions have been optimized for the fastest speed while allowing you to create unlimited entry and never have to redo your work in the case of power break down or improper PC shut down.
    • Better Reliability and Security – Even in the multi-user network environment, this product works best to provide a high level of reliability and security control to your system. It also protects your company data from accessed by unauthorized individuals.
    • Smooth Flow of Business – It is easy to perform and can provide an enhanced business solution to manage your financial data with ease. Thus, this product can help in the smooth flow of your business.
    • No Year End Or Month End Closing – In AutoCount Accounting, you can enter your accounting data without bounded by accounting period. You can edit data without having referred back to month end or year end closing. System will automatically update changes and reflect it in the report.
    • Share Data Across Business Application – You can export your report in Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF, HTML and graphical format. All reports can be email with just a click away. In addition to that, you can import data in Journal Entry to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and editing.

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