Autocount Software

AutoCount mainly focusing on all kind of business accounting software which included Accounting,  Inventory Control, Invoicing, Procurement Management, Warehouse & Logistic Management, Payroll & Attendance, Point of Sales (Retail POS & F&B POS), Mobile Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions, CRM, Program Customization as well as third party Program Integration. Because of AutoCount has so many standard business solutions, it’s always help business to be successfully growth to next level by any kind of business size and model.

AutoCount Software

AutoCount is the best software for Small Medium Enterprises(SMEs) in Malaysia. 
AutoCount provides software and services such as AccountingInventory ControlInvoicingPurchasingPayroll and Point of Sale (POS).

AutoCount Software (Accounting)

Autocount Accounting has complete function of Accounting, Stock and Invoicing.

AutoCount Software

In AutoCount Payroll, You are not required to do year-end or month-end closing over payroll data.

AutoCount Software

AutoCount POS software assists a business in maintaining a record and creating a database of its sales

AutoCount Software

Autocount software system comprises of the real-time data management system with offline POS.

AutoCount Software

AutoCount Software AOTG is the solution that allow you to check your business anyway with your existing tablets, notebooks, or phones.

Why Choose AutoCount Software ?

AutoCount offers many benefits to its users

AutoCount accounting software has 13 well designed source document entries for different type of transactions. Now, you can start entering data and generate reports instantly even without much accounting debit and credit knowledge.

AutoCount Software integrates accounting, stock and invoicing into a single system. Once transaction is saved, it will post to GL accounts and update reports instantly. For example, when your sale invoice have been saved by you, your account and stock report are updated immediately.

AutoCount Software sits on top of Microsoft SQL Server which provides greater reliability and higher performance. Most of the functions have been optimized for the fastest speed. With the powerful Microsoft SQL Server, you will never have to re-index on your database when there is power failure or improper program shut down.

AutoCount Software has been approved by Royal Malaysian Custom Department (RMCD) as one of the accounting software which compliant to Malaysia SST. The software is also compliant with the technical requirements set out in the IRAS.

Even in the multi-user network environment, AutoCount Software works best to provide a high level of reliability and security control to your system

You do not have to be an accounting expert for managing different accounting data. With basic accounting knowledge, you can manage your company data with AutoCount Software.

Each module in AutoCount Software is integrated and operated seamlessly under one system. It has been optimized to use fewest steps to create and edit transactions. Hence, it minimizes your workload and reduces human error.

It is optional for users to do year-end closing after certain accounting period to continue transaction for the next period. Instead, you can keep multi-years of data in a single account book using AutoCount Software.

AutoCount Software has strong search capability to help you find past transactions easily. With its built-in powerful search engine, you can search any transactions or documents from different angles and criteria.

The Drill-down feature in AutoCount allows you to drill down to source documents from reports and chat of accounts. It makes finding and editing data easily.

AutoCount Beyond Accounting Software

AutoCount Software provides additional solutions to various bussiness sectors such as Optical businesses, Lighting Shops and Vehical Workshops with their excellent solutions to improve their businesses.

AutoCount Software Lighting Shop solution is a simple solution to manage your lighting business from the point of sales terminal to the accounting back office.

AutoCount Software Vehicle Workshop Solutions is designed to manage and enhance the efficiency of mechanical workshops and spare part centre.

AutoCount Software Optical POS solutions provides the backbone & organization for your optical shop.

AutoCount On-The-Go and IAutoCount are mobile solutions that are offered by AutoCount Software.It allow you to manage your business by using a mobile device.

AutoCountSoft Stock Take allows the user able to calculate stock take using scanner devices and mobile tablets instead of manual stock count. Then post the stock adjustment into AutoCount system.

AccountSoft PriceChecker (APC) is a price checker that allows customer to scan the products for information, among others, prices for the respective products.

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